Logistics, Warehouse & Supply Chain Awards 2022

Best eCommerce Order Fulfilment Specialists – UK The world is going digital, and it has been for some time. While many businesses understandably struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic, other industries thrived. None more so, perhaps, than the e-commerce sector. When people were forced behind doors, they moved online, pouncing on any means to keep connected. Unable to visit shops physically, they visited online storefronts. Established in 2021, Rapid Pack Fulfilment (Rapid Pack) has quickly forged a reputation for working in partnership with its clients to ensure their order fulfilment processes meet demand. Founder Ben Slater’s experience working as an Operations Director in the military – as well as an NHS contractor – certainly offered Rapid Pack a robust foundation for the success it now enjoys. Here Ben begins by offering more insight into the work Rapid Pack undertakes. “Rapid Pack specialises in helping e-commerce brands in the fashion, beauty, cosmetics and electronics space that are scaling and growing fast. In this capacity, we provide fulfilment solutions for e-commerce brands. This includes storage, pick, pack and shipping twinned with our unrivalled business support team. “This team actively looks to help brands grow and lower costs through sign posting and giving to access to a network of approved finance houses, insurance providers, marketing experts and more as well as our own in-house team. We also have particular expertise in helping businesses expand to shipping internationally with ease.” In this manner, Rapid Pack has firmly established itself as an indispensable ally for those needing an expert, guiding hand. That ethos runs through all elements of the company – that crucial drive to help clients in this rapidly changing business landscape. To help them to thrive and flourish and capitalise on an opportunity to capture enduring success of their own. Of course, there are challenges to be met, and obstacles to overcome. After all, many companies are looking to capitalise on the e-commerce boom, and the logistics industry has always been an incredibly competitive arena. Worse, the UK economy is now officially in a recession, but Ben knows how to navigate such difficulties. “It’s a tough market with limited available space causing pressure on businesses’ ability to grow. The ongoing energy prices are a big problem for warehouses with large spaces and more needs to be done to help warehouses become energy efficient. As we continue into a recession keeping control of costs is key and reviewing and renewing contracts is essential.” Naturally, Rapid Pack needs to grow to allow its clients to do the same. “We have our own in-house tech team and are developing our own systems and capabilities as well as working with many industry experts and solutions providers to plan the next six months, 12-18 months and five-year plan. We are to be investing heavily in optimised systems and infrastructure as well as in various robotic automation. Rapid Pack is growing quickly but ensure we do so in a sustainable way. “We are having a new mezzanine floor fitted at the end of 2022 to expand our fulfilment area and to extend our specialism in fashion shipping with new steammachines and packing areas. Next couple of The eCommerce sector has become a global goliath over the last two decades, and its growth continues, matching pace with the technology industry’s swift expansion and development. If you want to succeed in this space, you need to be fast. Rapid Pack Fulfilment certainly fills that criterion and many others. On the back of its recognition in the programme, we took a closer look at what makes this company a leader in eCommerce. years will be another larger centre opening with a heavy emphasis on automation as well as a European centre,” Ben adds. Away from the infrastructure and facilities, Rapid Pack is also delving into the podcast space with ‘Brand & Boost’, which aims to help entrepreneurs and brand owners alike. “New episodes will include marketing experts, finance insiders and business owners who have experienced the ups and downs. We will be inviting new speakers over the coming months and hope it is a useful insight for listeners.” All in all, it’s easy to see why Rapid Pack Fulfilment was recognised as the Best eCommerce Order Fulfilment Specialists in the UK – it’s unique expertise, track record and company culture ensure that its clients succeed, regardless of the challenges they may face on the road to get there. Rapid Pack Fulfilment Website: www.rapidpack.co.uk Email: [email protected] Telephone:01216303380 Oct22585