Best in Business Awards 2023

5. Drive An is focusing on throughout the next 5 years is continuing to develop work in the fields of automation and artificial intelligence technology. As machines become increasingly effective at complementing human labour in the workplace, the company will implement adjustment plans to adjust and reap the benefits of this technology. The team strongly believe that automation and artificial intelligence will continue to improve businesses for the better and will contribute to economic growth via an increase in productivity. This is in addition to helping address “moonshot” societal challenges in areas from licensing through to driver safety. Despite these changes, the company intends to maintain its long-standing relationships with its stakeholders and customers, continuing to provide more value-added services, such as support and responsive after-sales services. For example, plans are in place to provide a more comprehensive after care policy after the handover of vehicle hire, online training programmes, and content. Finally, the team are proud to announce the recent development and release of a company app, entitled “Drive An: Become,” which is designed to service all private hire and Hackney Carriage drivers and operators across the UK. This app aids users in managing their licences on the go, offering licence expiry reminders, vehicle data and status checks, vehicle history checks, training courses for safeguarding and driver safety. The app boasts more than 8,000 UK users within its first six months of launching, and the Drive An team intended to develop and deliver more apps in the near future, ensuring both driver and operator upskill are trained to a high level, and that outstanding service can continue to be offered throughout the public sector. Contact Details Contact: Imran Ilyas Company: Drive An Group Web Address: