Best in Business Awards 2023

With vast experience working within the city of Wolverhampton offering licensing, training, and knowledge courses, Drive An has supported and instructed more than 4,200 private hire drivers nationwide in the UK, ensuring drivers are fully capable of understanding and enforcing licensing requirements, such as vehicle condition, child sexual exploitation, safeguarding and disability. The company’s philosophy is guided by the belief that everybody, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion, deserves equal opportunity to set their life in motion and strive for better. The company firmly believes in developing training programmes that are effective for everybody, and in doing so, changing the world for the better. In an industry that never stands still, neither do the team at Drive An. Through continually delivering future-proof skill training, the company guarantees that private hire drivers constantly achieve the best results, to adapt to their changing personal needs, and the needs of the wider industry. The team take great pride in providing exemplary service to partners and drivers, connecting and igniting opportunity for everyone by setting the world in motion. Drive An is the one-stop shop for private hire and Hackney Carriage licensing, as the UK’s first and leading licensing experts, whatever your needs are, the team have got it covered. Expert advice is provided for over 30 licensing authorities across the UK, including knowledge courses, compliance, verification, or even application processing from start to finish. We speak to Director Imran Ilyas, who tells us more about the operations, goals, and values of the company. Drive An possess an array of values that lie at the heart of the business, ensuring top-quality service is a constant and available to all. The first of these values is transparency, with the company emphasising clarity in all that they do, so that everything is understood, there are no unwanted surprises, and things remain visible with no secrets hidden away. There is also a strong sense of accountability across the team, with staff encouraged to take accountability for their own actions and results but work together to find solutions and improve these actions and results, in order to uphold the commitments and promises made to stakeholders. Furthermore, there is an integral passion in the work Drive An do, which extends to the company and the ability to achieve anything through an interest in learning and change. This is showcased through pride in the company’s brand and heritage, a culture that promotes a positive, energising, optimistic, and fun working environment, and a strong sense of self-worth, to value, promote, and respect the reputation the firm has crafted. This is reflected in the strong results the team consistently produce, which are celebrated, and helps to ensure that stakeholders feel appreciated and valued. This is all complemented with an air of respect, making customer satisfaction the top priority, respecting everybody regardless of age, faith, disability, gender, or culture, and forging sincere and friendly relationships with customers. This is all while guaranteeing the company always remains open to feedback and accepts suggestions on how to further improve, essential in an industry that is constantly evolving and changing with the times. Since Drive An was established, the team have been determined to prepare and deal with whatever challenges are thrown at them, and they have done this in array of different ways to ensure continued success. By keeping up to date, the team have a constantly evolving knowledge on happenings within the licensing industry, and regular communication with stakeholders shapes future plans, aiding the company in executing its next move. More recently, the company has had to deal with an ever-expanding range of technology, and the challenges of implementing this within its services. The team clearly recognise that technology, artificial intelligence, and automation is the way forward in solving the tasks and problems of today. Technology and automation can enable and aid the company in reaching its goal of doing better, helping to streamline services and increase availability. The inquisitive nature of the team lends to them constantly finding themselves questioning what will come next, and through research and meticulous planning for the future, Drive An can be as well-informed as possible about what this future holds. This in turn leads to a clear and concise plan, which is set and then stuck to, ensuring not only more robust business in the present, but a stable and sustainable plan to guarantee growth well into the future. This is true of the next five years, during which time the Drive An team expect to expand their services and products. With a plan to open office hubs across the UK, drivers and potential clients can easily reach the business, which in turn will offer them state of the art training facilities. Another area Best Private Hire Taxi Licensing Specialists 2023