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Advertising with The Business Concept can help you to reach your target market and showcase your talent and industry knowledge. Our informative website and quarterly digital magazine offer a selection of ways for you to interact with your target demographic and highlight your skills. With an abundance of options for you to choose from, there’s no simpler way to get your message across.


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Our Circulation

By Region

  • EUROPE - 44.7%
  • NORTH AMERICA - 35.3%
  • ASIA - 9.59%
  • OCEANIA - 6.7%
  • AFRICA - 2%
  • SOUTH AMERICA - 1.6%

By Sector

  • Legal Services - 29.64%
  • Finance - 6.55%
  • Travel & Tourism - 6.46%
  • Logistics Services - 4.82%
  • Tours & Sightseeing - 4.35%
  • Marketing & Sales - 3.57%
  • Accommodation - 2.82%
  • Automotive - 2.64%
  • Financial Consultants - 2.17%
  • Passenger Transport - 2.09%
  • Other - 34.89%
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Forward Features

Every quarter The Business Concept magazine will be globally distributed to countless readers. As our readership increases, we will be constantly looking to improve and tailor our content. With this in mind, we invite our readers to put forward a piece for our forward features, using this list as a guide. Where possible, our editorial and marketing teams can assist and guide participants through the process. This can of course be subject to change as business trends evolve through the year.

Innovations in supply chain that will bring a positive impact

The importance of strong consumer relationships

Deadline: 11th February 2024
Publishing: 11th March 2024
The impact of Covid on business models

What are the key strategies for supply chain resilience?

Deadline: 10th May 2024
Publishing: 10th June 2024
The role of technology in the warehouse and logistics

How is personalisation transforming the manufacturing industry?

Deadline: 9th August 2024
Publishing: 9th September 2024
The pros and cons of business assets

The future of piece-picking robots in the warehouse

Deadline: 9th November 2024
Publishing: 9th December 2024
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