The Business Concept Q4 2023

DIY Metal Fabrication Solutions Company of the Year 2023 Kwiktech Pty Ltd has created a versatile and rated connection to join and brace hollow metal tube which is readily available from the customers local metal or hardware suppliers, with the most common sizing being 25 x 38 (1” x 1.5”) RHS and 50x50 (2” x 2”) SHS aluminium or duragalv steel. This product was created as a direct result of industry demand, whereby customers were constantly calling for efficient and user-friendly metal fabrication solutions suitable for all DIY needs. Kwiktech has a history of successfully navigating these demands, introducing such revolutionary products as the Easy Frame DIY system, which has empowered enthusiasts and professionals alike to achieve the dimensions required for their build with ease. Across the industry, there is further demand for accessible and versatile products and solutions. This system challenges the common difficulties that may arise from balancing ease of use with the necessary structural integrity to create viable and robust solutions for various projects. Kwiktech utilises readily available metal tubing from established metal suppliers, which enables it to act as a cost-effective solution for its customers. Kwiktech is always looking to the future by keeping a keen eye out for what’s next and envisions more innovative and strategic partnerships as it continues to meet the evolving demands of the industry. Behind this product is a vibrant internal culture, one which is centred around a true passion for innovation, teamwork, and an unbridled commitment to excellence. Kwiktech encourages an environment to create champions in creativity and seeks continuous improvement in order to offer 100% customer satisfaction. Looking ahead to 2024, the business is poised to nurture further growth and expand across the market, it aims to introduce new and diverse designs that will successfully cater to the diverse needs of the metal fabrication market. Recently, Kwiktech has been recognised as an official Independent Hardware Group vendor, which serves to reflect the drive to become a trusted name and a beacon for DIY building quality across the sector. This partnership marks a considerable milestone for the business, and the team look forward to similar successes down the road. Quintessentially, through a groundbreaking solution that more than transcends traditional methods in the field of metal fabrication, Kwiktech Pty Ltd has carved out a name for itself, and today stands rmly at the forefront of the industry, always striving for, and delivering Australian-designed Kwiktech is a revolutionary framing system which builds perfectly square and accurately every time, using just a tape measure and standard power tools. Used by both novice DIYer’s and tradespeople alike, the secret to the Kwiktech’s success is the combination of both joining and bracing, along with techniques that serve to effortlessly reinforce the product. Existing at the forefront of the metal fabrication solutions industry, Kwiktech Pty Ltd possesses an unbridled commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction in equal measure, allowing it to constantly reaffirm its position as a leading organisation that provides solutions for its clients that are at the cutting edge of what is possible, enabling them to curate metal construction projects that are finished to the highest standard. innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. With these factors to boot, it is clear to see why the company has received this award, celebrating its distinction for metal fabrication solutions, by creating a product suited to novice DIYer’s through to experienced builders. We wish Kwiktech and the team the best of luck for the future and are excited to see the revolutionary ways they continue to pioneer across the sector. Contact: Nick Schutz Company: Kwiktech Pty Ltd Web Address: Nov23486