The Business Concept Q4 2022

9 Euro-India Air Freight Logistics Experts of the Year 2022 – India everything covered – anything is possible. Eagle Air’s services include, but are not limited to: • Rate analysis • Carrier selection and booking • Weekly scheduled arrival & departures using reputed carriers • Containerization arrangements • LCL, FCL consolidation • Multimodal arrangements like AIR/SEA & SEA/AIR Combinations • Buyers’ Consolidation • GOH Handling • Inland Trucking • Door-to-Door service • Electronic Entry of Export / Imported Goods • Local Transport and Deliveries • Shipment Monitoring and Status Reports • Tariff Classification Advice • Duty Drawback Calculation • Quarantine Formalities With its free quotes available on request to top it all off, Eagle Air has made itself a friend of anyone looking to do business with it. Its team is there for you any time, any day, so that you may feel at ease when looking for the best way to transport your goods. Its staff members are productive and always let their true selves shine through everything that they do. Sriram adds, “We have a training system in place to provide adequate opportunities to trainees and bring them to required levels in no time. It is the intention of the employees that matter to us – we take care of the rest.” Looking to the future Sriram tells us, “On a long term basis, we wish to expand across continents first to the United States and then subsequently to Australia. But until 2025, we see ourselves being confined to India, first spreading our wings to Delhi and then subsequently Mumbai, hoping to replicate our success in Chennai and Bangalore in Delhi and Mumbai.” Not only is Eagle Air well on its way to working with these areas of the world, but Eagle Air owners will be looking to donate 100% of what they earn – in addition to existing donations – to the Girish Foundation so that schools and hospitals can be set up by the Girish Foundation after 2025. From its very beginning all those years ago, Eagle Air has an excellent performance record of being honest, reliable, and always on time. It is this dedication that has truly caught our eye when awarding it with Euro-India Air Freight Logistics Experts of the Year 2022 – India, and we are sure to see it flourish even further in the years to come. Congratulations to the entire team at Eagle Air Sea Services Pvt. Ltd. Contact: Sharanya Lakshmi Narasimhan Company: Eagle Air Sea Services Pvt. Ltd. Web Address: