The Business Concept Q4 2022

ITF Group – Achieving Excellence in Transportation Today, ITF Group is a multicultural organisation that specialises in full truckload (FL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) options across the USA and Canada. Once a rather humble one tractor-trailer family operation, ITF Group has grown exponentially to include over 1,000 trucks and 15,000 contracted carriers. Over the last ten years, CEO Sam Burkhan has secured organic growth and achieved scalability, alongside adapting to the latest technological developments to exceed client expectations across the board. Creative Director Annamarie Aveytia spoke to Business Concept about Burkhan’s leadership, and ITF Group’s drive for constant improvement. “While ITF Group was founded to offer transport solutions, Burkhan recognised the needs of his customers and expanded ITF Group to incorporate warehousing and fulfillment services. In July of 2019 he purchased a 107,000 square foot facility in Hazelwood, Missouri. Fully remodeled and optimised for expansion, he consolidated a small office in St. Charles Missouri with 10-15 dedicated employees to 40 U.S. based employees. “We’ve also modernised our warehouse and fulfillment centers by investing in robotics for our new 100,000 square foot fulfillment center. We’re able to drastically reduce our operating costs and increase capacity and pass those savings back to our customers as well as invest in our industry with enhancements to our fleet and our technology. We are constantly reinvesting our profits into newer, more efficient technologies to not only streamline the process for our company but our customers as well.” It would be an understatement to say that the greater global transport industry has been impacted by a need to invest in greener, more sustainable options. In this, ITF Group has endeavoured to be a pacesetter, rather than trail behind the latest developments and trends in this space. “We offer our customers the newest fleet equipment we can provide. By upgrading to newer fleet models, we can provide the greenest fuel driven trucks. By reducing emissions, we strive to enter green solutions for our customers. We also work closely with local recyclers to reduce waste from reverse logistics,” Annamarie adds, before continuing. “We have a team who monitors these trends daily, in addition to the latest regulatory changes. We want to know if there is a market fluctuation the minute it happens. Our team in in constant communication with the Department of transportation for any state we operate in, which includes all 50 states and Canada. We provide educational training for upcoming roadside inspections and relay that information to our drivers in a timely matter.” All of this has cemented ITF Group’s position as a leader in the North American transport market, known for setting best practices and being the benchmark for others to follow. Naturally then, its future is one of growth – with further growth on the cards before the end of the year. “We plan to close out the remainder of 2022 with a bang! We just received FDA approval for our newest warehouse and plan to operate a full service pick and pack fulfillment center. We are reinvesting Founded in 2012, ITF Group LLC (ITF Group) has cultivated an incredible presence in the freight shipping space. Following ITF Group’s recognition in the 2022 Logistics, Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards as the ‘Most Flexible Secure Transportation Company’ in Missouri, we took a closer look to find out more. our profits into robotics for our fulfillment center along with placing deposits on electric trucks to further push our green initiative.” ITF Group also have a strong ethical centre, and frequently engage in philanthropic pursuits to enrich the local community, as Annamarie explains. “ITF Group donated over 300lbs of nonperishable food items to The Kaufman Fund Food for Vets that supports Veterans in need in our local community. This program, which focuses on addressing food insecurities specifically for Veterans has been able to help thousands of Veterans and their families. Each Veteran that participates received enough food to support a household for 10 days. The goal is to have each Vet return when needed after they registered at an event. With ITF Groups donation the food drive in 2021 was the most successful event held and has grown to over 400 registered Vets.” Company: ITF Group Contact Name: Annamarie Aveytia, Creative Director Address: 11990 Missouri Bottom Rd, Hazelwood, Missouri 63042 Website: Contact [email protected] Telephone Number: 877-477-9677 Oct22472