The Business Concept Q3 2023

Best Industrial & Domestic Cleaning Product Manufacturer 2023 - Kenya Elex Products Ltd boasts a strong client base in the East Africa region, with major distributors based in Tanzania, Uganda, Zanzibar, Burundi, and Rwanda. It offers a diversified range of high-quality products to help serve its millions of customers based both locally in Kenya, and further afield. Elex Products is well known as the manufacturer of Cerrazo Tile Cleaner, the leading terrazzo stain removing solution on the market. It has also expanded to offer a range of products focused on laundry and pool maintenance. Elex has a company mission, which is concentrated on the delivery of clear systems and procedures that optimise the use of environmentally friendly products. It also aims to exceed the expectations of customers and stakeholders through its continuous innovation, and its desire for improvement and overall fairness when it comes to achieving its goals. It is dedicated to supplying products that are always of the very highest quality, with a vision to be the preferred source for sanitation and healthcare in its region. To do this it has an aim to produce affordable but top-quality products for the use and advancement of all levels in society. The value system that operates at Elex is based on a handy acronym, using the letters in the word RESPECT. For Elex, R stands for Respect and Responsible. E stands for Excellence and Exceptional. S is for Specialize. P for Persistence and hard work. The C stands for its Customer focus, and its Creativity. Finally, the T stands for Teamwork. These are all vitally important values the company brings to every aspect of the work it does. Following on from this, the company also identifies a fourth pillar, alongside its mission, vision and values. This is its existence, whereby Elex has an aim to become the market leader in its niche. To this end it has set up a reliable and efficient distribution system ensuring it is capable of meeting or indeed exceeding all customer requirements. The brands Elex supplies include names such as Taco, Elesept, Elesol, Ezin, Lix, Sepit, and of course its market leading Cerrazo. These products encompass alcohol-based sanitizers and antiseptics for protecting hands from germs without using water. This is something particularly useful in occupational areas such as schools, hospitals, and public offices, and is available in both gel and liquid forms. It also covers disinfectants, multiclean detergents, chlorine bleach, toilet cleaner, air freshener, degreaser, and drain cleaner products. The directors at Elex Product Ltd are Mr. Gabriel Muli and Mrs. Ruth Muindi. Gabriel, the founder and managing director of Elex Products, is a certified accountant who has worked in several senior positions within multinational corporations over the previous 20 years, before taking the plunge to start his current entrepreneurial venture. He was able to identify a gap in the hygiene/sanitation market that required detergent manufacture, which is what led him to establish Elex Products Ltd began operating in 2002 as a manufacturer and distributor of cleaning and sanitation items intended for use in both the industrial and domestic arena. It has grown to become the first choice for cleaning services within hospitality, medical, educational, construction, and industrial institutions for over 20 years. Elex Products Ltd in 2002. Gabriel is a charismatic leader and mentor, whose contribution to society cannot be underestimated. He strongly believes in mentoring young people to help them excel and become leaders in economic spaces that are different to the norm. Co-founder and Customer Relations Director Ruth began her career as a teacher, with some 17 years of experience gained before she transitioned to the corporate world. She gained a degree in Leadership and Management from Strathmore University before joining Elex, where she has spearheaded many major company innovations. She introduced a functional call centre, allowing Elex the opportunity to respond to customer enquiries in real-time. Ruth’s passion for empowering women is unmatched, and she campaigns hard for more women to take their place in the leadership realm with her dedicated mentoring work. Elex Product Ltd has now been named as the Best Industrial & Domestic Cleaning Product Manufacturer 2023 – Kenya. This prestigious award is a well-deserved accolade for a company that is making such a huge difference in the cleaning product market, not only with its terrific products but also with its fantastic mental attitude. Company: Elex Products Ltd Web Address: Contact Name: Rosemarie Ndunge Jan23094