The Business Concept Q3 2023

Industry Leaders roadmap the future of Change Management for business growth at the CHANGE Talks Industry leaders from Change Awards and The IN Group road mapped the future of change management and how it can revolutionise business growth at the CHANGE Talks this week. The event revolved around demystifying change management, setting out clear steps for business leaders to overhaul their approach to projects and boost the overall efficiency of their organisation. As part of the CHANGE Talks event, Karen Gregson, Head of Business Change Management and Improvement at BAE Systems, hosted a panel with winners of the CHANGE Awards unpacking their success stories and providing a shining example within industry. Jooli Atkins, Change Management Lead for PIRM at NHS England; Rachel Butler, Head of Change at Anglian Water Services; and Beth Rylatt, Head of Business Change at BAE Systems Air joined Gregson on the panel to showcase how they’re implementing change within their organisations. Rachael Hays, Transformation Director at Definia, commented: “Change management often goes unspoken and projects are often walked away from before they’ve really begun. The IN Group is taking an active role in increasing the recognition of change management as an important part of businesses and our Jan22376 sponsorship of the CHANGE events aims to help people break through the misconceptions.” “When people think of transformation within a business, technology is often the first thought, but transformation also encompasses the culture of an organisation and its people, implementing new ways of working, new ways of project management, and new ways of innovating. The CHANGE Talks are providing an excellent way of putting change management, within transformation, on the map.” The event was the second in a three-part series, with the next CHANGE Talks set to happen in October ahead of the next awards event in April 2024. Margo Waldorf, Founder of Change Awards, commented: “We need to put change management on the transformation and innovation map permanently. It is vital in today’s fast-paced business environment where companies, government organisations and others must regularly adapt to new market conditions to stay afloat. We know that change management reduces employee resistance and increases buyin, and I want it to become more than just an afterthought. The Change Awards are a milestone achievement for the change management community, and I think the CHANGE talks are its mouthpiece. I encourage all leaders, and especially ‘change sceptics’ to listen in.”