Q1 2024

5 News. Wittur overhauls its procurement pathway Headquartered in Germany, with production sites in 11 countries, nearly a billion in sales in 2022, 4900 employees with 7 competence centers, 600+ patents and more than 50 countries served by the sales network, Wittur is an international leader among elevator components and offers the widest range of products in the elevator industry. Wittur has launched a major procurement digital transformation project with a new platform built on JAGGAER technology, which centrally enables online management of key information related to the supplier base. The portal is available in 5 languages and already has 4,000 suppliers from around the world on board, covering more than a hundred product categories. The new platform also supports risk assessment analysis through dedicated scorecards, which are critical for the decision making process. The digitization journey encompasses document management related to suppliers, down to the management of contracts and framework agreements. “It was necessary and urgent for us to have all the information and best practices that were present in different Wittur offices around the world online, on a dedicated platform. Now all key information about our suppliers is tracked, available and usable in a few clicks, and the category tree allows us to use the supply fleet for different tasks. We are pleased with the progress with JAGGAER on this fruitful journey,” comments Pedrina Lucio, Manager of Purchasing Performance Office at Wittur. “The project developed smoothly and quickly,” comments Fabio Moretti, Account Director at JAGGAER. “The objectives and the solutions were clear for us right from the start; together we shared a linear process that immediately yielded results, facilitating the team’s adoption of the new platform.” One of the next steps relates to sustainability; Wittur aims to integrate the activities it currently performs to qualify and track the compliance with key ESG criteria for all global key suppliers onto the platform. Wittur, one of the leading international groups in elevator components, has unveiled a new international supplier management platform, powered by JAGGAER.