The Business Concept Q1 2023

6 Most Innovative Inspection & Aerial Infrastructure Survey Solutions 2023 Gadfin Aero-Logistics Systems creates drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) which operate autonomously with minimal human interaction, capable of delivering low-tomedium payloads at short-to-long ranges, as well as conducting long-range scanning operations of linear infrastructure such as roads, power lines, oil and gas pipelines, and more. Gadfin works towards a future where environmentally friendly, quiet drones bridge gaps between islands and countries, connecting institutions in every corner of the globe so that medical and other time-critical supplies can be wherever they are needed in the blink of an eye. proprietary power distribution module, allows the UAVs to fly further for longer intervals. An additional benefit of this is that the drones are zero-emission, which reduces the industry’s carbon footprint. Thanks to its advanced technologies, its drones can deliver low-tomedium payloads at short-to-long ranges, meeting a growing need for urgent delivery of products. Moving forwards, the company is currently developing a larger aircraft which will be able to carry up to 150kg for an even longer distance, while maintaining zero emissions. As a result of its ground-breaking technologies and the unique vision is works every day to realise, Gadfin is 2023’s winner of Most Innovative Inspection and Aerial Infrastructure Survey Solutions in the Aviation and Aerospace Awards. There is no doubt that Gadfin represents the new generation of urgent deliveries and aerial scanning as it continues to innovate and develop UAVs that can accomplish more and more and change the way the world operates. Contact: Eyal Regav Company: Gadfin Web Address: Specialising in developing drones and UAVs of various sizes, Gadfin envisions a clean, connected world where even the most deserted spot is easily accessible. Redefining delivery capabilities in terms of flight radius, safety, reliability and automation, the company’s fast, hydrogen powered drones carry out long-range urgent deliveries and preventative maintenance missions. The first to receive Israel’s Civil Aviation Authority permit for urban airspace deliveries at the start of 2020, Gadfin’s technology links hospitals, laboratories and diverse organisations by enabling fast and ongoing transfer of refrigerated medical cargo, including samples, bone marrow, blood tests, blood donations, organs for transplant, and more, within minutes and at low lost. The team at Gadfin, including unmanned technology specialists, traditional aviation engineers, and designers, all work with the aim of keeping costs low while creating drones with enhanced capabilities. Through extensive research, Gadfin’s drones are designed with the highest safety standards in mind. Holding a number of breakthrough patents, its wing folding and spreading technology makes its UAVs versatile by allowing vertical take-off and landing as well as efficient horizontal flight. With wings folded, manoeuvrability is enhanced, side winds are overcome, and a smaller landing space is required, which is beneficial in a range of settings. When the UAV reaches the altitude for horizontal flight, the wings open, allowing it to fly long distances efficiently. This versatility, along with water and dust resistance, means Gadfin’s UAVs can endure all types of unfavourable weather, resulting in a game-changing improvement of aerodynamic capabilities. Furthermore, smooth flight is facilitated by Gadfin’s mechanisms for reducing rotor drag. With a fully electronic platform, Gadfin’s UAVs utilise both high density LiPo batteries and energy-rich hydrogen fuel cells, which is a highly efficient combination. This, alongside Gadfin’s Dec22561 7.