The Business Concept Q1 2023

News. 4 Aerial Direct undergoes digital transformation to enhance data and better serve customers. Direct, the award-winning business telecoms provider, today announces its complete data restructure and digital transformation in a move to enhance its strategic decision making and customer service. Aerial Direct faced an issue that is commonplace among telecoms businesses. The company held data across disparate systems, making it difficult to see a clear view of their customer base through the entire sales journey. The regulatory environment also played a part in this need with Aerial Direct requiring an updated reporting system and advice on data governance practices within the cloud to remain compliant. Following the successful implementation of a regulated, secure and scalable solution by Dufrain, the data consultancy, Aerial Direct will now benefit from a 360-degree view of its customer base. Advantages of the new system include: • Even more Data-backed business decisions to ensure meaningful change and growth • Complete centrality of all customer data in one compliant system that is easy to monitor • Benefits will not become reduced over time as the solution is also built in a way that means it is fully scalable to support and accelerate Aerial Direct’s growth plans Dufrain will provide Aerial Direct with an ongoing managed service arrangement to support the company in making the most of its data to support customers throughout their entire business journey. Simon Kelly, Head of BI & Data at Aerial Direct, said: “We were faced with an enormous task in getting to grips with harnessing our data and Dufrain ensured the process was as smooth as possible. Now we know our data is properly managed, we can use it to inform us of key trends and make informed business decisions, something that we couldn’t have done previously, and we think it’ll make a huge difference to our growth campaign and our customers’ experience.” Gerry Goodwin, Chief Commercial Officer at Dufrain, said: “Good data governance is essential for telecoms companies to harness customer data to its full potential and drive business decisions for meaningful change while remaining compliant with all GDPR and data protection regulation. “It is impossible to do that when the information is siloed across the organisation. This is exactly what we’ve helped Aerial Direct build a solution for and, working in partnership, we’ve been able to create a solution that delivers all their needs in one place. We’re looking forward to working with them on an ongoing basis to ensure the tech consistently delivers.”