Logistics, Warehouse & Supply Chain Awards 2022

“Cool Care Experts” Transporting goods is a careful balance between efficiency, accuracy and care. Transporting perishable goods adds another layer of difficulty: being efficient, accurate, careful and – crucially- fast. While, as they say, the world is smaller than ever, it’s not too small to make the unique challenge of transporting perishables negligible. Far from it. It quite literally pays to have the best infrastructure and most efficient processes in place to secure success in this space. Any waste, any inefficiencies at all, result in poor service, with both goods and potential profits at risk. “Shipping perishables is both an art and a science. Our culture of innovation and application makes shipping perishables a breeze.” - Chris Catto-Smith, Supply Chain Consulting & Solution Development Team Leader Operating out of offices in Thailand and Hong Kong, Freshport has made its reputation through a singular expertise and flawless track record for its services in fine-tuning and perfecting cold chain networks. From warehouse design, cost reduction, end-to-end supply chain analysis to offering logistical solutions and a client-centric focused approach, Freshport has becoming the de facto leader in a space that upholds the highest of expectations. This is made all the more impressive when you bring in another consideration – that the logistics industry continues to change, and more specifically, grow at a breakneck pace. The COVID-19 pandemic notoriously hindered physical business growth, but it resulted in a booming e-commerce space. The global network had to adapt accordingly, and industry leaders had to drive that change. Of course, the pandemic also brought about a greater focus on temperature control in shipments, with new medication and supplies needing a bespoke approach to transportation. Throughout all of the challenges that last couple of years has bought to the table, Freshport remained on hand and in the trenches, eager to offer support and lead wherever it was needed. With all of the above and aforementioned in mind, Freshport specialises in reducing waste, in whatever form that may come in. Space, goods, profits – Freshport is driven by a need to change a common issue in the industry, and form better best practices, acting The world of logistics can be notoriously difficult to navigate and transporting any type of goods comes with its fair share of challenges. However, when it comes to perishables, it pays to have the most efficient infrastructure and processes in place – and that’s where Freshport (Asia) Ltd (Freshport) has made its mark. We take a closer look at the company on the back of its welldeserved recognition in the programme. as a pacesetter for a sector that urgently needs it. By aiming for this standard, it has also achieved an ability to exceed all expectations. After all, what more could its clients want but an efficient process that reduces waste by delivering goods on time and in perfect condition? Client service is another area that Freshport has excelled in. You simply can’t operate a business in the logistics industry by adopting a cookie cutter approach, assuming that all shipments will require the same approach and treatment. Freshport offers a fully tailored service depending on the individual needs of the client in question, and the team have the resources and experience to meet those needs. Indeed, the team describe themselves as the cargo’s “guardian angels”, guaranteeing that it lands in the right place at the right time in the right condition. Beyond the perishables space, the company has also excelled in offering guidance across the greater logistics landscape. Here, it wields its earned expertise in managing perishables to offer indispensable advice in supply chain management, air cargo (and environments that require temperature control), thermal solutions and warehouse design solutions. These are all areas that any company operating in transport needs to perfect in the current economic climate. No company, regardless of size, can operate with excessive waste at the moment, making Freshport a key ally and partner for anyone looking to flourish in difficult times ahead. Ultimately, there’s a lot to say about Freshport and its services. Its expertise and guidance is invaluable when it comes to innovating an industry that demands efficiency and efficacy. Any weakness in a network can be devastating for clients and the goods that they offer. Freshport has made a name for giving its clients true and absolute peace of mind, with an established record for exceptional service, whatever the client may need. As the ‘Best End-to-End Cold Chain Network Design Specialist’ in South East Asia, it can be considered a true expert and goliath in the sector and region. Cold Chain is challenging for numerous reasons, so it is incredibly impressive that Freshport enjoys the reputation it has worked hard to cultivate over the years. With all this in mind, there is no company more deserving of the recognition than Freshport (Asia) Ltd, and its continued future as a logistics leader is firmly secured. “Shipping perishables is a task that requires extra special care and attention. Making sure your cool chain is as reliable as possible, is our top priority.” -Chris Catto-Smith Best End-to-End Cold Chain Network Design Specialists - South East Asia