Independent Business Award Packages 2024

The Business Concept is thrilled to launch the inaugural Independent Business Awards. Like many, we want to do our bit to support this incredible community by recognising and celebrating the achievements of independent businesses across a variety of sectors. Businesses and consumers alike are increasingly inspired to look at independent options when shopping around for products and services. By focusing exclusively on independent businesses, The Business Concept aims to provide a platform for these companies to gain valuable recognition, boost their credibility, and of course attract new customers. We’ll pinpoint the most innovative, resilient and hard working independent enterprises and celebrate their success by distinguishing them from their larger counterparts. In our bid to ensure a broad representation the awards will cover a diverse range of industries; these will include construction, food & beverage, health & wellbeing, hospitality, professional services, real estate & property, retail, and other specialist services. Within these industries, we’ll be examining firms that deliver upon the desires of their customers, whether that be personalised services and unique products, sustainable and ethical practices, boosting local communities and economies, or supporting innovation, creativity and diversity. The Independent Business Awards 2024 are designed to have a significant impact on the independent business community, we aim to celebrate quality and facilitate growth by helping to foster an improved, more visible brand image. About the Independent Business Awards 2024