Customer Service Award Packages 2024

Full page editorial Bespoke trophy Personalised digital logo Stellar Service Package: 695 GBP / 875 USD 78. Best Luxury Aircraft Specialists 2023 - Western Europe Despite the standardisation of aircraft to specific types, a dynamic livery can leave an astonishing impression on customers and create a unique brand image. Few understand this better than Didier Wolff of Happy Design Studio. Having achieved such success in the Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2023, we took a closer look at the work of the Happy Design Studio team to uncover the secrets of their success. Didier tells us. “However, times change and tastes evolve. Nowadays, there is a growing trend toward greater personalization in the aviation sector. From bespoke hand-finished cabin interiors to custom paint jobs, today’s owners and operators are looking for new ways to put their unique stamp on their aircraft – and more importantly, to stand out from the crowd. Happy Design Studio take the concept of custom livery and turn it into an art form.” Being based in the Grand Est, Didier and his team rest on the border of four countries, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. It is a position at the heart of Europe, offering a rich source of opportunities and territorial specificities. “From a cultural and geographical point of view I really feel like I am in the middle of Europe,” Didier tells us with a smile. Small wonder that his designs also embrace a range of cultural influences. These influences, however, are more foundational than you might think. “We’re constantly invaded by images from advertising, from TV and so on,” Didier explains. “I have to say that I am also invaded by my own 3D images and software. At least once a year, I visit the Louvre in Paris to reset my eye and go back to the foundations of colour, light, perspective and proportion. I go to look at the paintings and sculptures. My soul is richer when I leave and I feel full again - here is the peak efficiency.” When we look at Happy Design Studio, we look at a firm which embraces the foundational, that considers the overall impact and that celebrates the age of customisation in which we now live. Where once simplicity and uniformity was key, now customers expect something bold and unique. That’s what Happy Design Studio deliver, and that’s what has brought them such success within the aviation industry. Company: Happy Design Studio Name: Didier Wolff Email: [email protected] Web Address: With an incredible range of aviation businesses flying around the world, a unique image that defines your craft is a just-have. For Didier Wolff of Happy Design Studio, it’s a passion which he takes incredibly seriously. To him, there is a certain poetry to aircraft and sky, such that the aircraft in the ultimate 3D sculpture and the sky the ultimate gallery. It’s little wonder, with such an eye for detail, that he is awardwinning in many different areas. Since 2009, Didier has been creating unique aircraft liveries for his clients, shamelessly ignoring marketing demands and analysis in favour of a old approach that captures peoples’ imaginations. “I guide the painting process in its entirety in order to to ensure the exact match with the original project validated by my clients, and most of all make sure that it has been painted in agreement with the aviation state of the art rules. Apart from this, my work is not subject to any compromise.” Such strength of attitude is why his designs are in such high demand. “Traditionally, aircraft livery design has always erred on the side of caution: one or perhaps two colours, a logo here, and a line there,” Dec22369