CSR Excellence Award Packages 2023

About Us Introduction The Business Concept is delighted to launch the CSR Excellence Awards as we aim to recognise the firms and individuals who implement CSR concepts into their day-to-day operations. The Business Concept covers all aspects of the business world, and with this in mind, we feel it’s important to pay attention to those who remain conscious of how their business can evolve and adapt to positively impact society and the environment. After all, its not just about what you deliver, it’s how you deliver it! Over the past few years, CSR initiatives have become increasingly prevalent and have been adopted by businesses who intend to give back to society. Here at The Business Concept, we want to commend this endeavor as it demonstrates an increased awareness of an evolving society, plus an awareness of the important role that businesses can play in promoting ethical behaviour and attitudes. The CSR Excellence Awards 2023 will encompass all areas of Corporate Social Responsibility. Whether your business is an advocate for ethical, environmental, philanthropic, or financial initiatives (or a mixture of the above!), we welcome your participation and look forward to discovering how strive to make a difference. Bronze Package 725 GBP Full page article Bespoke trophy Personalised digital logo www.thebusinessconcept.com