B2B Event Awards 2022

About the B2B Event Awards 2022 The Business Concept is proud to launch the B2B Event Awards! This inaugural awards programme is an innovative addition to the Business Concept brand, aiming to champion those involved in the B2B Event Management sector who expedite business-to-business relationships the world over. The Business Concept is a fresh digital platform. We recognise businesses from a multitude of sectors and shine a light on these industry specialists. From traditional service providers such as caterers and marketeers, to stall and stage designers at the forefront of tech-driven immersive experience, the B2B Event Awards want to showcase your achievements. The B2B Event industry is ever-expanding, encompassing many different companies and individuals, and so it falls to organisers to ensure that each national and international exhibition, tradeshow and conference is a tightly-run ship. Sofi Bajor - Senior Editor