The Business Concept Media Pack

Social Media What is Innovation In Business Advertising Our Awards Forward Features Newsletter Distributiomn About AI Global Media Contact Details Contents The Business Concept is designed to deliver the latest insights and features of businesses that have favoured the digital space and have thrived in the cutthroat industry. The Business Concept covers all aspects of the business world and breaks down each part to analyse what businesses of all different sizes, from each part of the world need to encompass to reach new heights of success. To help recognise great individuals and companies, we are proud to offer free to win award programmes. Our website is constantly updated to cover news and insights as they happen, and our quarterly magazine offers highlights in a compact and easy to access format. As well as the quarterly magazine, The Business Concept also has a dedicated website- and active social media accounts, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. To share the benefits of our network of contacts, we offer advertising opportunities to help grow your brand recognition to a wider audience. The Business Concept @The Business Concept Followers- 18 @businessconcept Followers- 27 The Business Concept Followers-326 The Business Concept utilises Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to increase brand awareness and engage with our followers. Having a direct line of communications and creating an open dialogue with our audience helps us to understand and build on what our audience expects from us. We also utilise our social media platforms to promote articles and news stories, and increase the brand awareness of our contributors and business partners. Social Media Double Page-spread 420 x 297mm Full Page 210 x 297mm Advertising with The Business Concept can help you to reach your target market and showcase your talent and industry knowledge. Our quarterly online magazine and website offer a selection of ways to interact with your clients and highlight your skills. With so many different options to choose from and support across every stage of the process, it could not be easier to get your message across. Advertising