Aviation and Aerospace Award Packages 2023

2 page article Bespoke trophy Personalised digital logo Personalised digital certificate Silver Package: 995 GBP Jane Henderson AI Global Media Ltd J Henderson Have been named This is to certify that: Awarded (Month Year) Company name or company logo Award title CERTIFICATE AWARD WINNER AWARD WINNER Founded in the midst of 2020, Triple C Aviation has rapidly become one to watch within the field of aviation for its CAMO support, compliance monitoring, safety management, and design/certification services. Also managing many projects on request, Triple C Aviation works with aircraft pre-purchase inspections, asset audits for leasing banks, training, aircraft transaction support, and more. Its USP is that it has many years of experience to guide it smoothly and effortlessly to success. Its CEO, Patrick Gauder, tells us, “I have experience in the field of aviation, especially business aviation, since 2003. Within that time span of 20 years, I was lucky enough to work for many great companies/business jet operators in technical departments (meaning CAMO = Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization). Therefore, I had the chance to work with a lot of vendors, manufactures, service providers, and aircraft owners/clients.” Not only does its CEO have years of experience behind him, but the entire team is made up of aviation experts with experience that amasses to a level of skill that cannot be learned quickly. This gives Triple C Aviation the edge on the competition and allows it to stay one step ahead of the curve at all times. After beginning with the classic CAMO support, Patrick informs us, “We quickly expanded to Compliance Monitoring, Safety Management and Design/Certification services as well. Besides that, we manage many projects based on request e.g., Aircraft Pre-Purchase Inspection, Asset Audits for Leasing Banks, Training, Aircraft Transaction Support etc.” Triple C Aviation’s expert level of quality/compliance monitoring services and safety management systems ensure internal and external audits of flight operations are correct every time. These can involve contractor, subcontractor, and supplier audits, and its support is always related directly to the areas within the safety management systems used today. For aircraft asset audits and inspections, Triple C Aviation leans into aircraft documentation and record reviews when conducting physical aircraft inspections – utilising retrospective aircraft technical documentation backups when needed, thus ensuring everything is in its place and compliant. With many specialties, Triple C Aviation is becoming a favourite for its stability and Triple C Aviation provides a myriad of services within the aircraft and aviation industry, and we are pleased to present it with an accolade that reflects just how incredibly hard it works. Here we talk to Triple C Aviation’s CEO, Patrick Gauder, as it wins this tremendous title in the Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2023. innovation across the aviation landscape. With so many changes within this fast-paced industry, it is imperative that we find a business we can trust and rely on. The aviation industry has faced a huge number of changes, and, due to its combined years of experience, Triple C Aviation has everything it needs to take on a challenge. From “EASA regulations implemented in the EU in many areas, to the big financial crash in 2008/2009,” there were a lot of changes to be made within the industry. With regulation changes comes different responsibilities however, this is never a problem for Triple C Aviation as its team works hard together and regularly checks regulation changes to stay up to date. Every change is then implemented into the company by its committed and competent staff members. Patrick continues, “The recent crisis with COVID and Ukraine had a massive impact on Triple C Aviation as well, as we first had to deal with new requirements like aircraft disinfection prior maintenance actions and closed airports. Now we have the war and related export restrictions, and sanctions, against certain entities.” The team at Triple C Aviation makes all of the challenges into opportunities for growth by being willing to learn and adapt – and their evolution is indicative of the company’s ability to transform and mould itself to the current situations affecting the industry as whole. With regards to the future, this team of valuable employees will help Triple C Aviation to succeed even in the face of adversity – whether that’s changes in the industry, or the world entirely. Patrick knows that “Safety Management System will become a bigger factor for all aviation related companies/areas and must be implemented and executed”, which will ultimately influence the way Triple C Aviation operates. 2023 and beyond looks bright for the business as our environment continues to change on a yearly basis. Patrick reveals, “On a technology basis, sustainability will be a big topic for us. We cannot and will not stop flying, but we must do our part to reduce the CO2.” This move is monumental for Triple C Aviation, and we are proud to showcase its plans for development. Winning Best Aircraft Acquisition & Aviation Services Company 2023, Austria, Triple C Aviation has gained even more recognition for its services. Triple C Aviation’s areas of expertise have turned it into one of the most reliable aviation businesses in the industry, and it shows no sign of slowing down as it soars to record highs – despite the challenges it has faced and may face in the future. We are pleased to present Triple C Aviation with its new accolade, and we are sure to see it continue on its path to unrivalled success. Contact: Patrick Gauder Company: Triple C Aviation Web Address: http://www.ccc-aviation.at/ Best Aircraft Acquisition & Aviation Services Company 2023 – Austria 5.