2022 3D Printing Award Packages

The Business Concept is proud to introduce the 3D Printing Awards 2022! As a new and forward-thinking digital platform, we are excited to delve into the industries and technologies that are at the forefront of innovation in the modern business landscape. With numerous applications across a wide variety of markets, 3D Printing stands to revolutionise worldwide manufacturing and mass production in the coming years. The 3D Printing Awards 2022 will act as a definitive guide to the key players of this growing and cutting-edge sector. From printing, scanning, and design companies to materials, software, and support service providers – we will ensure through our meticulous selection process that only the best of the best receive recognition in this acclaimed programme. Across a diverse range of industries there is increasing demand for high-performance materials that are stronger and lighter, but can also be produced quickly, at lower costs, and with less waste. 3D Printing provides a solution whereby these results can be achieved with precision and consistency. Technology driven sectors including Aerospace, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, and Education are the front runners in adopting 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing and are already seeing considerable benefits. 3D Printing Awards introduction Introduction Introduction